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Project Phase

Ventilated Facades

Ventilated facades represent an innovative and sustainable solution for building envelopes, combining aesthetics and functionality. The Granitech Business Unit of Iris Ceramica Group is a leader in the sector, offering a wide range of high-quality solutions and systems. Ventilated facades not only optimize the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings but also promote natural ventilation, positively impacting the reduction of the building’s energy needs. Providing technical assistance and customized consultations for every project, Granitech ensures perfect architectural integration and maximum energy efficiency, offering a comprehensive and personalized service.

CM2 Solutions

CM2 Solutions represent the forefront in the field of exterior cladding, offering large-format ceramic slabs ideal for facades, outdoor floors, and urban spaces. These solutions ensure visual continuity, minimizing joints, and maximizing the aesthetics of the outdoor environment. Designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, CM2 slabs maintain their aesthetic and technical characteristics over time, resisting temperature fluctuations, UV rays, and abrasion. The versatility of finishes and the wide range of effects allow for the creation of customized architectural projects that harmoniously integrate with the surrounding environment, while simultaneously adhering to the highest standards of sustainability and innovation.

Raised Floors

Granitech, with its years of expertise in the raised flooring sector, offers highly adaptable and functional solutions, ideal for a wide variety of contexts, both indoor and outdoor. The available systems are perfectly compatible with existing surfaces or irregular substrates, providing an effective response to the needs of flexibility, accessibility, and space management in modern work environments and technical spaces. The diversified range of finishes and materials ensures that each installation not only meets functional specifications but also aligns aesthetically with the design of the surrounding environment. From the beginning to the end of the project, Granitech is committed to providing assistance and technical support, facilitating the installation of systems that allow easy access to wiring, piping, and air conditioning systems, thus promoting simplified maintenance and great adaptability.

Exterior Installation and Cladding

Technoriunite is the Iris Ceramica Group’s business unit of reference for those seeking a complete and tailored solution in exterior installation and cladding. In environments where the balance between aesthetics and functionality is crucial to meet the expectations of the most refined clientele, Technoriunite’s expertise becomes fundamental. The commitment extends from initial assistance to the completion of the project, ensuring continuous and personalized support. From the first contact to the final delivery, Technoriunite is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, tackling every technical and creative challenge with professionalism. The promise is an unparalleled experience, with services covering the entire process from A to Z, resulting in creations distinguished by quality, durability, and beauty.

Professional Tools for Installation

Technoriunite’s online store is a reference point for professional tools designed for the installation of floors, coverings, and facades, consolidating over fifty years of experience in the industry. The platform offers users a carefully curated selection of tools, with the convenience of fast delivery directly to the construction site. In addition to providing access to top-quality products, Technoriunite offers specialized and personalized support to assist professionals in selecting the most suitable tools for their specific operational needs.

ICG Design

ICG Design offers high-level architectural and interior design services, integrating creativity and functionality. With a personalized approach, the ICG Design team works closely with clients to transform visions and ideas into tangible realities. Using cutting-edge software and 3D visualization techniques, ICG Design can present detailed projects that facilitate visual understanding and material selection, ensuring that every space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also perfectly functional.

3D Software and Files for 3D Design

3D software and files for 3D design are indispensable tools for architects and designers, allowing the creation of detailed models and immersive visualizations of spaces. These technologies offer the opportunity to explore and modify projects in real-time, enhancing communication with clients and facilitating decision-making. Click on the link to access a vast library of materials and objects.

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