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Ariostea and the Environment

Iris Ceramica Group has been making the ceramics industry sustainable for over half a century.

We stand for Planet, we stand for People, we stand for Participation.

We are committed to creating a better present and future: for over half a century, for use “Economy = Ecology”.

We are Ecopreneurs and pioneers, adopting solutions for energy savings and for safeguarding the environment.


LEED Certification

Already widespread and active in over 40 countries, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system evaluates and certifies the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of buildings as a whole. According to LEED classification criteria, building materials with high eco-sustainability contribute to earning credits by increasing the building’s score. It is certified that all slabs presented in this tool contain a percentage of recycled material exceeding 40% in accordance with ISO 14021, thus ensuring the highest scores according to the LEED system.

BREEAM Certification

BREEAM is among the most widespread standards globally and aims to measure the environmental impact of buildings by applying specific criteria for assessing construction sustainability. The scoring system involves certification types set by rigorous technical parameters and quality control based on the latest available technologies and knowledge.

Ariostea monogram

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