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The porcelain stoneware slab that emulates the effect of Bianco Covelano marble is distinguished by its unparalleled elegance and natural luminosity. Extracted from the heights 2,200 meters above Covelano, one of the highest active quarries in Europe, this marble is renowned for its pristine white colour and the thin veins that cross the surface like delicate strokes of gold and grey. The purity of its colour and the refinement of its design reflect the majesty of the Alpine environment from which it originates, a place where the beauty of nature manifests itself with strength and magnificence. The texture of this porcelain stoneware slab, faithful to the original Bianco Covelano marble, is a symphony of hues and nuances, combining to create an extraordinary visual effect. The play of light reflected on its polished and smooth surface enhances every detail, making every space in which it is installed a representation of luxury and distinction.


  • 60x6,5
  • 60x60
  • 120x60


  • Soft (R9)
  • Lucidato


  • 8mm / 0.31"
CMThicknessSoft (R9)Lucidato
120x60 8 mmP612480 PL612480
60x60 8 mmP6480 PL6480
CMThicknessSoft (R9)Lucidato
60x6,5 8 mmB60480T BL60480AN

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Ariostea monogram

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