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Anise evokes a sense of serene refinement with its gentle beige palette, seamlessly blending with interiors to create a harmonious balance. The delicate patterning, suggestive of ancient fossils or soft geological whispers, adds depth and interest without overwhelming the senses. This surface is an understated testament to the elegance that can be found in simplicity, offering a tranquil backdrop that complements a variety of styles. Anise stands as a tribute to natural beauty, captured in the durability and versatility of its design, making it an enduring choice for spaces that seek to marry the tranquil austerity of the natural world with the comforts of modern living.


  • 60x6,5
  • 60x60
  • 100x100
  • 100x6,5
  • 120x60


  • Soft (R10)
  • Natural


  • 6mm / 0.24"
  • 8mm / 0.31"
CMThicknessSoft (R10)Natural
100x100 6 mmP100700 P100700R10
120x60 8 mmP612700 P612700R10
60x60 8 mmP6700 P6700R10
CMThicknessSoft (R10)Natural
100x6,5 6 mmB100700T -
60x6,5 8 mmB60700T -

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Ariostea monogram

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