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Steam presents an urban charm, reflecting industrial and contemporary nuances in its neutral grey color. The surface, characterized by a lived-in effect, brings to mind the textures of cement blended with the appearance of resin, creating a mix of sturdiness and visual lightness. The variations in tone and the signs of random patina emphasize a modern look that can effortlessly complement both minimalist environments and more dynamic, well-used spaces. This slab, with its versatile aesthetic and durability, is ideal for settings that want to emanate a strong identity without sacrificing functionality and style.


  • 60x6,5
  • 60x60
  • 100x100
  • 100x6,5
  • 120x60


  • Soft (R10)
  • Natural


  • 6mm / 0.24"
  • 8mm / 0.31"
CMThicknessSoft (R10)Natural
100x100 6 mmP100699 P100699R10
120x60 8 mmP612699 P612699R10
60x60 8 mmP6699 P6699R10
CMThicknessSoft (R10)Natural
100x6,5 6 mmB100699T -
60x6,5 8 mmB60699T -

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Ariostea monogram

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