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Porcelain stoneware for floors and wall coverings in sizes 300×150, 300×100, 270×120.

Ultra is capable of meeting every design need, ranging from flooring to covering large surfaces, up to application on objects and furnishing accessories.

Ultra, with its 4.50 m2, is the new reference point for designers and for all projects where size makes the difference. It offers extreme flexibility to the project and the freedom to realize your ideas without format constraints.

Ultra, with its native thickness of 6 mm, ensures lightness and strength for all applications, even those you hadn’t considered.


La duttilità della tecnologia ULTRA consente di adattare le varie collezioni di prodotti dal semplice pavimento o rivestimento di piccole e grandi superfici, all’applicazione su oggetti e complementi d’arredo.

A new concept of lightness and combined technical performance is now possible by accessing the superior performance provided by ceramic technology.

It is possible to create artifacts or installations with a new concept of lightness and technical performance thanks to the superior performance provided by ceramic technology. The very nature of the material also allows the designer to explore each of these possibilities in indoor and outdoor environments, developing homogeneous, curved, and even backlit surfaces.

ULTRA becomes a source of inspiration for designers. Beautiful, functional, modern, and original objects to make everyday life special.

The tones of ULTRA’s decorative elements, combined with its lightness, allow for an innovative use of the material for a contemporary interpretation of design.

Through the use of ULTRA, it is possible to give new meaning to objects and provide added value to the environments in which they are placed. Design is expressed through craftsmanship that demands high-quality materials, which is why ULTRA stands as the ideal solution for bringing an idea and a project to life.

The table and the kitchen play a leading role in the home: with high-tech surfaces, they transform into real masterpieces that withstand wear, do not absorb, and are anti-bacterial. The ease of cleaning and the unaltered longevity ensure a consistent tactile sensation of materiality and an unchanged aesthetic over time.

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