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Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland Parliament Hotel by Hilton

Architect: THG Arkitektar
Year: 2022

The Iceland Parliament Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton is a luxury hotel that opened in Reykjavik near Parliament House. The hotel is a blend of historic buildings – the former telecommunications headquarters, Iceland’s first girls’ school and Independence Hall – along with new buildings. With its unique architectural and design elements, the complex offers visitors a journey through various eras in Icelandic history, as well as a one-of-a-kind stay immersed in the local culture.

The project was carried out under the expert guidance of the THG Arkitektar firm, responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects of the work. This included defining the objectives of the investment groups, determining the architectural style, carefully planning and distributing the spaces, adapting and installing the necessary structural and technical installations, and designing the interiors.

In order to tie together buildings from different eras, an eclectic design approach was adopted for both the interior and exterior. From the front of the courtyard, visitors and passersby do not have the perception of being in front of a single imposing building but rather a collection of independent buildings where traditional and modern architecture harmoniously coexist in a juxtaposed manner.

The eclectic concept carries over to the interior, as evident in the decor and furnishings – many of which are custom-made – as well as the finishes and the combination of warm and cool materials, and matt and glossy surfaces.

For the ground floor hall of Iceland Telecom, which previously served as the telecommunications headquarters, ceramic ceramic surfaces from Ariostea’s Fragmenta Full Body collection were chosen to adorn the walls. The Grigio Luminoso colour was selected to help create an intimate, cosy and private ambience.

The collection’s matte, radiant and velvety textures envelop the reception desk and supporting columns that define the large area.

Produced using full-body technology, these ceramic surfaces also facilitated the creation of customised seating with visible edges, positioned in the adjacent public gallery. The lift shafts are framed by the striking and sophisticated nuances of the large 300×150 cm Ultra Marmi Black Marquinia slabs.

Fragmenta Full Body is found at the highest point of the building, specifically in the main suite, which offers a panoramic view of the city. The graceful ornamental pattern featured on these ceramic surfaces infuses the walls with a sense of refinement and individuality.

The versatility and adaptability of Ariostea’s technical ceramic are evident, showcasing its ability to accommodate not only traditional installations but also special techniques to create made-to-measure elements. In addition to its visual appeal, the material’s compactness, durability and ease of cleaning make it an unparalleled asset in any setting, catering to a wide range of design concepts with diverse requirements.

Ariostea monogram

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