Ariostea monogram

Milan, Italy

Milan Law Firm

Studio: PJK Inndesign
Year: 2018

In Massimiliano Tafaro and Alessandra Prezzi of PJK InnDesigns plans for a law office in Milan, Ariostea Ultra Calacatta Lincoln floors show off the best technical and aesthetic qualities of marble effect surfaces.

In a project in which light is clearly the central element, the walls are ideally replaced by light itself, and a prestigious touch is given to the whole open space by the delicate, original veins running through the marble-effect floor slabs.

Skilful use of light colours and clean lines optimises use of daylight to light up the interior of the office, reflected by bright Ariostea Ultra Calacatta Lincoln marble effect floor slabs.

The addition of oak elements gives the office a warm, natural look, underlining its welcoming feel and reassuring air for clients and helping the work team focus.

As in all the best contemporary design projects, the quality of Ultra Ariostea material and the experience of the international interior architecture studio PJK InnDesign permitted creation of a modern office conveying an impression of linearity, functionality and liveability with the presence of a few simple, carefully selected elements.

These include led lights on the ceiling; the pattern of the wallpaper that breaks up the monotony of the end wall to give the office space a more dynamic look; wooden dividers and big panes of glass; and use of the colour gold in the lamps and furnishings to respond to the clients request for elegance.

The sense of naturalness and harmony is completed with a hanging garden that frames a big hammock, adding a casual, playful touch to a highly refined space.

Ultra Ariosteas thin Calacatta floor slabs contribute to the overall atmosphere with their clean, harmonious lines while guaranteeing particularly high long-term strength and performance.

Ariostea monogram

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