Ariostea monogram

Gioia del Colle, Italy

New Covella Patisserie

Architect: XYZ Factory
Year: 2020

Designed by XYZ FACTORY studio, the new Covella Patisserie, Ice Cream Parlor and Coffee Bar on via Gramsci, Gioia del Colle, in the province of Bari, is a clear example of this aesthetic beauty and practicality, due also to large format Ultra Ariostea tiles.

Ultra Ariostea maxi format collections are increasingly chosen for the hospitality and leisure industry due to their visual harmony and continuity in all surroundings.

The premises have a total floor area of 72 sq.m., in addition to an adjacent, approximately 140 sq.m. workroom.

Every day, this setting reveals the acclaimed artisan confectionery skills of pastry chef Nicola Covella, who already has another family-run business in the historic center of the same town.

XYZ FACTORY studio conceived the premises based on a meticulous, painstaking design in which a stylish, elegant appearance predominates, with details inspired by a cohesive linearity.

The materials and entire color palette revolve around the absolute intensity of Nero Marquinia, from Ariostea’s large format marble-effect collection, selected for both the large counter and walls behind.

In this instance, Ariostea ultra high performance technical ceramics conclusively catch the eye, especially when used for furnishings of paramount importance such as the pastry counter.

Technical properties primarily include factors such as resistance to scratching, staining and abrasion, in addition to non-absorbency, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The marble effect’s beautiful appearance is accentuated by the stunning irregularity of subtle veining, which adds to the dynamic yet natural look of the large format tiles. The intense black marble contrasts with a painted technical ceiling, neutral oak woodwork and Hungarian herringbone parquet, in addition to the wheat color walls and wallpaper.

XYZ FACTORY’s meticulous choice of furnishings and their colors aims to contrast minimalism and clean lines with the explosion of color provided by the selection of confectionery displayed daily.

Ariostea monogram

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