Ariostea monogram

Bari, Italia

Private Residence Bari

Studio: Biro+
Year: 2020

The large format and reduced thickness of Ariostea technical porcelain tiles are some of the features most highly valued by architecture practices for floor and wall tiling.


These two aspects emphasize the lightness and versatility of Ariostea Ultra technical porcelain tiles, a high-performance material that, more than any other, lends itself to new construction, restyling and extensions.

The latter includes a recent project at a residential unit in Bari (190 sq.m.) by Biro+ design studio who chose Ariostea Ultra Blend BL01, 100 x 100cm format for the flooring. Ariostea maxi format tiles’ multitude of technical-aesthetic properties, enhance the high quality of a project that includes an additional two rooms created from an adjacent apartment together with the redesign of furnishings and fittings in the bedrooms.

The open-plan living area has also been reconfigured with an attractive multi-functional, double-sided furnishing system. Due to the skillful layout, the furnishings have created a new approach in terms of distance and vision, in addition to solving inherent problems, for example for housing apparatus and the lighting system.

The choice of Ultra Blend maxi format tiles in the lighter BL01 shade reflects Biro+’s design approach, highlighting their meticulous attention to detail and overall color scheme.

A high-tech material which reinterprets traditional beaten flooring, maxi format Ultra Blend is clearly distinguishable by its innovative composite with various granulates (marble, stone and shards, combined with lime, cement and sand).

The final effect is as dynamic as it is delicate, due to the striking appearance and quality of Ariostea Ultra stone; a large format tile which combines technical innovation with sophisticated yet natural aesthetic details.

Ariostea monogram

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