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Mykonos, Greece

Royal Mykonos

The beauty and uniqueness of the Cyclades archipelago and the island of Mykonos are strictly protected by an array of building regulations that both influence and restrict the choice of products permitted for use in any refurbishments and new builds considered to have an impact on the environment.


The dazzling whiteness typical of traditional Mykonos architecture, the blueness of the surrounding sea and the rocky tones of the island’s natural environment form the starting point for this prestigious project by Ariostea, in collaboration with several leading international architecture firms.

A project that has managed to encapsulate the most untamed, stark aspects of the island – which, according to tradition, was formed from the petrified corpses of sea giants killed and thrown into the sea by Hercules – as well as the lively and elegant ambience that characterises one of Greece’s most exclusive and quirky destinations.

The biggest challenge the project faced was renovating the different structures ensuring compliance with the island’s strict environmental laws while maintaining the distinctive personality that the owners had assigned to each individual property.

Indeed “The Myconian Collection” -Royal Mikonos comprising 9 luxury establishments, specially designed to appeal to all types of guests, is a fine example of this balance having been successfully achieved.

The tried and trusted ongoing partnership between Ariostea and the hotel group has culminated in two major renovations (Ambassador and Imperial), and the construction of the new “K Hotels” collection, comprising three separate complexes: Korali, Kyma, Naia.

To reflect the elegant and contemporary style of the hotel “Ambassador”, built in strict keeping with the ‘Blue and White’ colour scheme, and the unfussy look of a 5 star “Relais Châteaux”, the flooring for all the bedrooms was chosen from the Ariostea “Iridium“ Bianco collections, in 150×75 size, with “Ultra” Resine Silicio flooring tiles in 100×100 size used for the light and airy breakfast and dining rooms.

At the Imperial Hotel (Leading Hotels of The World), Ariostea and Ultra “Iridium” Bianco tiles laid throughout in different sizes reflect its lively and welcoming atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the laid-back elegance of 3 different boutique hotels “K Hotels” (Korali Relais Châteaux , Naia and Kyma ), all located in a single destination flaunting a younger vibe, has been reflected and distinctively rendered by the choice of four different coverings with similar colour characteristics: Ultra “ICementi” Iron, Ultra “ICementi” Silver, Ultra “Resine” Silicio and Ariostea “Pietra di Calais”.

Ariostea monogram

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