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Madrid, Spain

Tacha Beauty Center

Studio: Galata + Juan
Year: 2019

In wellness areas, all interior design elements contribute to creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

With their sophisticated and elegant design, Ariostea porcelain stoneware surfaces are the main strength of beauty centres, saunas and spas, where guests can enjoy a regenerating experience involving all the senses.

Tacha beauty salons have been attracting beauty and wellness enthusiasts since 1994.

Over the years, thanks to its many loyal customers, Tacha has become one of the most popular beauty centers in Spain, not only among men and women of all ages but also among celebrities and trend-setting bloggers who choose Tacha to relax and take care of their body in a friendly and relaxing environment.

The laying of large Ariostea Ultra Marmi – Statuario Altissimo 300×150 cm and Zebrino Black 75×75 cm slabs is a solution that combines the contemporary design of porcelain stoneware with traditional wall and floor tiles, to give each room a distinctive character using the finest marbles, rich in details and veins.

The luminous effect of the Ariostea slabs, thanks to both natural and artificial lighting, not only embellishes the various areas of the beauty center but also enhances the many colour shades of the ceramic slabs, available with grey hues in Statuario Altissimo and with original light veining in Zebrino Black.

Moreover, the performance offered by Ariostea ceramics sets a global benchmark in the ceramic industry. In fact, resistance, ease of laying, minimal maintenance and timeless beauty are of key importance and have become increasingly in demand, which is why Ariostea has designed products that meet the highest standards in the industry.

The high level of versatility of the Ariostea ceramic material can also be seen in the furnishings found in Tacha centers, such as the custom Statuario Altissimo marble steps and the Zebrino Black marble shelves with unique finishes.

Ariostea monogram

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