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Villa 4 Lugano

Architect: Nicola Probst Architetti
Year: 2020

The 4L_ villa in Lugano, designed by the firm Nicola Probst Architetti, is a remarkable example of an urban luxury residence, featuring Ariostea products both indoors and outdoors.

The project, consisting of 3 residential units on 4 staggered plates, is built on a sloping terrain, which is emphasized and enhanced thanks to a masterful combination of voids and volumes.

As a result, the building’s formal elegance can be seen in its retaining walls, with rounded corners, which are actually central and visual elements that shape both indoor and outdoor spaces, which would otherwise be almost impossible to distinguish due to the presence of large glass windows.

The whole project is inspired by the living area of the main apartment, “a void around which the other spaces are structured. And around this void is a swimming pool, a gravel garden and a large terrace.”

In this way, the two smaller apartments rise up from the main residence, forming a complex that blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

Sustainability aspects were also taken into account: a heat pump was installed as well as thermal panels for domestic water heating and photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Ariostea materials, installed as a façade and outdoors, add to the unique charm of this complex, thanks to the Greenstone Quarzite Bianca porcelain stoneware collection, with a structured, semi-polished finish.

As always, the stone effect perfectly complements this residential setting, while the elegant white chosen for the external walls adds more light and warmth, bringing an extra touch of quality and sophisticated appeal.

Inside, what stands out the most is the use of Onice Bianco Extra, with a shiny polished finish, combining the harmoniousness and elegance typical of large white marble-effect tiles.

In this case too, the entire room is filled with natural light coming in from the large glass windows, therefore light becomes an architectural element in itself around which the style and furnishings can be customized as desired.

Ariostea monogram

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