Ariostea monogram

Kaunas, Lithuania

Villa Sanciai

Architect: Arch. Edita Stankevičiūtė - Righetto Studija
Year: 2019

Ultra Ariostea maxi-slabs can be used, thanks to their innovative design, in a great variety of projects for residential and other purposes, taking advantage of their brightness and ability to amplify perceived space.

One such case is Villa Sanciai, a private residence in Kaunas (Lithuania) designed by architect Edita Stankevičiūtė of Righetto Studija (Kaunas-Lithuania).

On the basis of a concept oriented toward practicality with the clean formal aesthetic the client required, Villa Sanciai is a significant example of a project in which all the spaces in the home appear to blend together while at the same time enriching and completing one another.

A constant dialogue between rooms, in which Ariostea slabs play a key role with the white colour of Ultra Marmi Calacatta.

The architects chose large high-tech ceramic slabs for the project because of the many benefits offered by Ultra Ariostea maxi-slabs.

In this project their reduced thickness ensures a lightness which, along with their inherent strength, oriented the designers toward use of maxi-slabs as a wall covering and kitchen countertop.

The slabs’ large size allows them to be used to create coordinated surfaces without any visual barriers or interruptions, ensuring a homogeneous, uninterrupted flow between rooms.

From the very first glance, the pattern of Calacatta Bianco marble suggests an unostentatious but refined elegance, underlined by the dynamic, delicate touch added by juxtaposition of subtle grey veins.

The big slabs’ versatility makes them suitable not only for use in kitchen countertops but in combination with accessories and furnishings in bright colours, maintaining all their appeal and underlining their details.

Another significant aspect is the brightness they bring to all the spaces in the home. Light is optimised through Villa Sanciai, in the minimalist style typical of northern Europe, creating a radiant, enveloping atmosphere in every corner of the home thanks to the important contribution of high-tech ceramic maxi-slabs.

Ariostea monogram

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