Ariostea monogram

Turin, Italy

WeGrill Bistrot

Architect: Lamatilde

A butchers, a grill, a bistrot: the aim of WeGrill, in the Nova Coop superstore in Via Botticelli, is to offer guests the experience of a traditional butchers counter and to choose the cut of meat they would like to be grilled for them.


This innovative eaterie format seeks to present and explore all the aspects of grill culture. A versatile graphic design, created using parametric software, plays around with the pattern of the grill, breaking it up and putting it back together in a number of variants, which seek to represent the rich variety of grill culture.

The grills are the hallmark feature of the whole set-up: milled onto the counter, printed on the wallpaper, laser-cut into the sheet metal infills on the ceiling and in the supporting frameworks of the signs.

The functional furnishing elements such as the service cabinets have been created specifically for the project, making a further contribution to defining the identity of the establishment, the various characteristics of which are evident in the neon sign, with a vivid, exuberant visual language.

The floor is tiled with 120×60 cm slabs, with a distinctively contemporary, sophisticated, rigorous style, in the Nero Ombrato shade of the Fragmenta collection by Ariostea, a stone-effect full-body collection with surprising technical characteristics and a timeless style, for an impeccable result.

Ariostea monogram

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