Ariostea monogram

The Arena


The pulsating heart of Ariostea’s identity lies in its main Showroom, where the versatility of Ultra surfaces is celebrated.
Marbles, stones, onyxes, concretes, and resins clad the space in a minimal yet majestic approach. The spaces emerge refined, each material shining like a gem.

Strategically centered, it is the ideal multifunctional space for both business meetings and formal events.

This “arena”, carved in travertine, becomes the cradle of the brand’s values and of Iris Ceramica Group, showcasing new technologies and innovations. Augmented reality, video installations, and physical interactions offer an immersive experience, enhancing the Active, Hypertouch, and Attract technologies.

In parallel, a mock-up of the new retail concept unveils a vision of the future, reflecting and reinforcing the company’s global image.

Ariostea monogram

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