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The building, colloquially referred to as Domus, with its brick arches and vaults, has been reworked, blending hospitality and exhibition into a hybrid concept.

Guests are welcomed into an environment that feels more like a cozy home than a traditional office. The essence of this experience is “slow” hospitality, evident from the first encounter: a generous open kitchen on the ground floor welcomes visitors.

This culinary space is dominated by an imposing counter, transforming into a bar, show cooking area, and communal table, highlighting the versatility of the materials chosen for the culinary sector.

The finishes, especially the details and workmanship of the Calacatta Macchia Vecchia and Grand Antique by SapienStone – another Brand of Iris Ceramica Group – surfaces, underline the avant-garde of Iris Ceramica Group’s 4D technology.

Ascending to the upper floors, guests are greeted in a spacious living room where a warm atmosphere envelops them.

A travertine fireplace rises, connecting the different levels. The walls are adorned with an extensive product library, focusing on technical collections. In this welcoming environment, where time pleasantly passes, guests can deepen their knowledge of materials in an informal manner.

Whether playing billiards, reading, working on the computer, or sipping a drink, guests can explore and combine material samples on tables that recall ancient libraries.

Ariostea monogram

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