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The Arabescato marble-effect porcelain stoneware slab embodies the elegance and value of its natural counterpart. Characterised by a bright white background, it is adorned with dark grey veins that weave into intricate designs, reminiscent of artistic calligraphy or arabesques, from which it takes its name. This variety of marble, extracted from the renowned Apuan Alps in the province of Versilia, Lucca, is celebrated for its beauty and use in high craftsmanship and design. The charm of this slab lies in its distinctive veining, providing a visual contrast that captures the eye and enriches the environment with a touch of artistic nature. Advanced techniques in porcelain stoneware production make it possible to recreate the appearance and feel of Arabescato marble with a faithfulness that challenges the distinction between human creation and natural wonder.


  • 75x37,5
  • 75x75
  • 150x150
  • 150x75
  • 300x150


  • Prelucidato (R9)
  • Lucidato


  • 6mm / 0.24"
CMThicknessPrelucidato (R9)Lucidato
150x150 6 mmUM6S150479 UM6L150479
150x75 6 mmUM6S157479 UM6L157479
75x37,5 6 mmUM6S37479 UM6L37479
75x75 6 mmUM6S75479 UM6L75479

Product's certifications

CMThicknessPrelucidato (R9)Lucidato
300x150 6 mmUM6S300479A UM6L300479A
300x150 6 mmUM6S300479B UM6L300479B
Ariostea monogram

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