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Statuario Altissimo is the epitome of grandeur and purity, a porcelain stoneware that gracefully reveals the opulence of white marble. Its snowy surface is marked by elegant grey veins, outlining a landscape of sublime beauty. These crisp and defined veins traverse the slab with precision, recalling the prestigious Italian sculptural art that often chose this stone as its muse. This slab not only conveys the visual magnificence of Carrara marble, but also embodies modern practicality, offering durability and ease of maintenance. Statuario Altissimo is a tribute to classical aesthetics, ideal for enriching any space with a touch of timeless grandeur.


  • 75x37,5
  • 75x75
  • 120x120
  • 150x150
  • 150x75
  • 270x120
  • 300x150


  • Prelucidato (R9)
  • Lucidato


  • 6mm / 0.24"
CMThicknessPrelucidato (R9)Lucidato
120x120 6 mmUM6S120441 UM6L120441
150x150 6 mmUM6S150441 UM6L150441
150x75 6 mmUM6S157441 UM6L157441
270x120 6 mmUM6S27012441 UM6L27012441
300x150 6 mmUM6S300441 UM6L300441
75x37,5 6 mmUM6S37441 UM6L37441
75x75 6 mmUM6S75441 UM6L75441

Product's certifications

CMThicknessPrelucidato (R9)Lucidato
300x150 6 mm- UM6L300441A
300x150 6 mm- UM6L300441B
Ariostea monogram

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