Monogramma di Ariostea

Cersaie, Bologna

Maelstrom Pavillion

Architetto: Marco Porpora Architetti
Anno: 2018

The word MAELSTROM means whirlpool, and is associated primarily with the circular wave motion of northern seas, surrounding you and drawing you down.

The Ariostea pavilion designed by Marco Porpora architetti for Cersaie 2018 underlines the beauty of Ariostea collections and the qualities and elasticity of Ultra surfaces.

Inspired by the work of Richard Serra, the project empowers the material, making it stand out while allowing it to be bent in response to human needs.

The laminar installation wraps around the viewer, starting from the walls, passing through the reception area and extending to the colour range, all designed to generate a sense of harmony around visitors even while breaking with their surroundings.

Monogramma di Ariostea

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