Monogramma di Ariostea

Colonia, Germania

Stand Living Kitchen

Architetto: Studio Area 17
Anno: 2019

Architectural studio Area-17 designed and curated the concept behind the Ariostea stand at LivingKitchen, the international kitchen show held in Cologne every year during IMM Cologne.

The kitchen is seen in terms of architecture, as an element generating space rather than furnishing an existing room, offering an opportunity to investigate the expressive potential of top quality fine porcelain.

The monumental block of a two-sided kitchen 10 metres long constitutes the front of the stand and the space inside it, accessed via an imposing sculptural gateway. Nero Marquinia covers the floors, walls and functional elements, from furnishings to exclusive accessories, demonstrating the efficacy and versatility of ceramic maxi-slabs.

In the background is a wall of fifty-four adjustable panels that serves as an original divider alluding to the materials infinite applications and offering a sweeping overview of the full breadth of the brands colour palette. The panels are finished with exclusive Ultra Marmi / Fior di Bosco on one side, but display the many available surfaces in the bestselling Ultra collection on the other: a practical, high-impact tool for exploring the vast Ariostea catalogue and appreciating its beauty and attention to detail.

The exhibition area is completed with a total look meeting space, an area entirely covered in Bianco Calacatta that illustrates how application maxi-slabs can be extended into the living area and office, demonstrating their excellent performance in furnishings and accessories for these areas as well as the kitchen.

Ariostea’s Ultra maxi-slabs create a kitchen that is a space in its own right, that can be experienced in many ways and become the scene of true-life experiences, symbolised by a living tree that runs right through the construction and brings it to life.

Monogramma di Ariostea

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